How to Care for Your Real Hair Wig – 8 Must-Know Insider Tips

How to Care for Your Real Hair Wig – 8 Must-Know Insider Tips

How to take your wig off

Ripping off tape glue hurts and irritates your scalp and pulls out any hair you have. It may also tear your wig. Don’t go there!

The safest and gentlest way to remove your human hair wig is with a Q-tip or muslin cloth and our isopropanol-based, fast-acting Tape and Glue Removal Spray. This soothing, non-toxic spray not only helps to protect the delicate lace from damage but also quickly and gently dissolves the tape or glue holding your hair piece in place, without irritating your skin.

Tape remover

More than that, the formulation contains two powerful naturally derived actives to enrich your skin; Betaine to moisturize and Plankton extract to soothe the skin and boost the immune system. All that remains is to breathe deep – we’ve infused the spray with our Amber Jean spa-like signature fragrance; a warm, floral blend of geranium, lavender and jasmine – for a restorative moment of self-care.

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How to wash a human hair wig

There are three ways to wash a wig with real hair. Whichever way you choose it's so important to be mindful every step of the way – a real hair wig is delicate and fragile and must be treated gently, especially around the lace and the knots. Here are my three golden rules:

  1. Before you start get rid of any tangles by gently brushing the hair using a wide comb, your fingers, or a tangle teaser (like our founder).
  2. Be gentle when you apply the shampoo. Don’t use too much product, rinse don’t rub, and don’t over-work the hair.
  3. After rinsing gently squeeze the hair to remove excess water and pat it dry with a towel. Do not twist it or wring it out.

Basically, be calm and mindful every step of the way and your wig will love you for it.

Wash your wig on a wig head

The most careful way to wash your hair piece is to put it on a wig head, then put little pins into the wig head to keep it nice and secure, and to gently wash it in the basin or shower.

Pop it on your head

The second way to wash a human hair wig is to pop the wig on your head, add a little bit of double-sided tape to keep it secure, and hop into the shower, washing your hair like anybody else. Again, be mindful and gentle; remember, your girl is special and needs some extra love.

Wash your wig by hand in a basin or shower

The final way to wash your wig is by hand in the basin, or shower. Place your hand inside the wig cap and allow the water to flow over the hair. Make sure all the hair lies the same way, so it doesn't get tangled. Shampoo gently.

Very important note! After you’ve washed your wig it's important that you put the moisture back into your hair and heal any broken bonds. That means using a powerful conditioner, always. See my guidance below on what to use and how to use it.

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Can I use conditioner on my wig?

Yes, and you must! Believe me ladies, I've learned this the hard way. It's really important to use the best quality conditioner to make sure that your wig looks as gorgeous as possible for as long as possible.

Unlike naturally growing hair, non-bio hair doesn't get any nourishing oils from the scalp and, as much as we've sourced the best hair as possible, sometimes the hair can get a little bit dry over time. That's why it needs a special formula developed specifically for non-bio hair – a mask that works harder and deeper than any normal product to keep the hair in gorgeous condition for years to come.

The powerful, active ingredients in the rich and creamy Amber Jean Restorative Hair Mask repair the hair by mending broken bonds and split ends. This nourishing mask also helps protect hair from the damage caused by heat styling and pollution, and it gives gorgeous shine and bounce.

Amber Jean Restorative Hair Mask

Apply the mask gently and mindfully. Don't, in any circumstances, rub or tug the hair and always avoid the knots which are delicate and can loosen easily.

Leave the mask in for a minimum of 30 minutes, or overnight.

When it has done its work rinse it through and brush it out, again avoiding the delicate lace and knots at the scalp.

Watch the video:  How to use the AJ hair mask


How to store human hair lace wigs

Amber Jean hair pieces are delivered to you in a lovely organic cotton bag, which is a super handy way to store your human hair lace wig. I also pack my hair pieces this way when I'm heading off somewhere.

Another great way to store your hair piece is on a wig head. They are readily available online for every budget. I would recommend investing in at least one or more, depending on how many wigs you have. I have lots – they look quite funny as I like to draw little faces on mine!

They are also great for drying hair naturally – you can just leave them overnight and they dry beautifully – keeping their shape and volume. It's also the easiest way to style them – I love doing it that way – I get to play at being my own hairstylist!

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Can I sleep in my human hair wig?

You can sleep in your human hair wig, but I do not recommend it. Sleeping in your hair piece, especially if you toss and turn, can lead to matting or tangling. So, if you want your hair piece to have the best and longest life possible, I would invest in a lovely wig head and put the hair piece on the wig head before you go to bed at night. It's also a good time to let your scalp breathe.

Of course, some people aren't yet comfortable sleeping without their wig and if that's the case it's perfectly okay. Perhaps, to avoid any kind of rubbing or tangling while you sleep, you could tie your hair into a plait instead.


Can I wear a wig in the swimming pool?

We do not advise wearing human hair wigs, and especially full lace human hair wigs, in a chlorine swimming pool. The chemicals will strip the hair of its natural oils and dry it out, while also damaging its colour.

If you do decide to go in the pool, make sure that you wash your hair gently afterwards and use our mask, or better yet leave the mask on overnight so the moisture has a chance to properly soak in and rehydrate the wig.


Can I use hairspray on my wig?

Yes! Absolutely. When you invest in a full lace human hair piece you can use any product you like – it's just like having your own hair and is just one of the many pros of having a human hair wig!

Having said that, you want your hair to look and feel her very best so be cautious about what products you use. My advice is to invest in quality and you won't go wrong.


Can I use hot tools on my wig?

Yes. This is one of the top pros of being able to wear a human hair piece – you can use any kind of tool on your hair piece – straighteners, crimpers, curlers, blow dryers … you name it!

Just be sure to use a little bit of heat protector before you use any kind of hot tool to make sure that your hair piece doesn't get damaged.


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