The Three Iconic Bob Wigs You Need to Know

The Three Iconic Bob Wigs You Need to Know

Billie Eillish, Bella Hadid, Jennifer Lopez, Reese Witherspoon… the list of stylish and strong celebrities who’ve fallen for the iconic bob goes on and on, and on.

First popularised by film stars Mary Thurman, Colleen Moore and Louise Brooks in the 1920s, the bob quickly became a powerful symbol of independence for young women who’d been given their first taste of personal freedom in World War One.

Unpinning their cascades of Edwardian piled-high pompadours, these women went to work, earnt money and got the vote – all in one decade. They needed a weightless hairstyle to match their emancipation, and the bob delivered.

The style remains as fresh and modern as it was a century ago. It exudes strength and power. It’s chic and it’s elegant. It’s ageless. And it’s both easy to wear and easy to manage. No wonder it’s had the same enduring timeless and universal appeal for generation after generation of women.

Introducing the Amber Jean Bob Wig – Our Most Requested Style!

We knew from the outset that we wanted to offer bob wigs to suit everyone, but we had to take our time because it was so important to get them right. Not least because we saw them as a golden opportunity to offer first time wig wearers an easy starting point – bob length wigs are a lot easier to handle than a longer style.

Additionally, a lot of the bob wigs out there are not very stylish, and we wanted to shake that up – to offer an elevated product with true star appeal – worthy of the bob’s glamorous past and present.

Like A Natural Bob, Only Better

Our bob style wigs, just like our longer length wigs, only use 100% pure virgin human hair, with no added silicone or chemical coating. Each bob wig has a beautiful, wavy texture for a super-natural look and feel.

Because our bob wigs are 150% density – the ideal density – they swing and fall beautifully, giving you the perfect head of naturally thick and lustrous hair.


The Three Bob Styles You Need to Know

Ladies, I am so happy to be able to introduce the first three bob wigs in our collection. They are based on our best sellers Holly, Amber and Margot, and each bob is a gorgeous 12-inch version of her longer sister.

These three lovely ladies are darker in colour. If you have your heart set on a blonde bob wig, please hold on just a little bit longer. We’re working on her right now and we promise she’ll be worth the wait! Sign up to our newsletter and you’ll be the first to know when she lands.


Meet Holly – The Caramel Balayage Wig

Named after Audrey Hepburn’s character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the Holly bob has a beautiful, warm brown base with striking honey and caramel balayage.

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Meet Amber – The Fiery Red Bob Wig

Named after our founder whose go-to colour is always fiery, Amber is expertly coloured with beautiful shades of deep red and auburn for a vibrant, natural feel.

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Margot – The Classic Chocolate Brown Bob Wig

Named after the famous Bette Davis character in All About Eve, Margot is a classic, dark chocolate brunette wig, featuring rich, warm tones throughout.

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