A Note from Amber

Hi, I'm Amber Jean. I am lucky enough to make a living doing something I love, travelling the world as a model and actress. I also have alopecia.

When I was 15, losing my hair almost ended my career before it had even started. My hair was a big part of my identity and losing it had a huge impact. I won't sugar-coat it, at times it was really tough. But I knew I had a choice; to accept it as a life limiting condition, or to use it to my advantage. I started having fun with new looks, playing around with different wigs, weaves and hair pieces. I began to enjoy the freedom that came with expressing myself in a way I never had before. Where I struggled was finding practical and emotional support to guide me through my hair loss journey. I needed advice from people who got it. Plus, to be honest, shopping for wigs wasn't much fun. There weren't many decent styles and there was no pleasure in the experience. it just wasn't good enough. It became my ambition to empower women to live their hair and beauty dreams, without compromise.

“With confidence comes radiance. It is my mission to help you find both.”

We want to be the place you come to for high quality, consciously sourced hair pieces.

We’ve also launched a collection of beautifully pure silk scarves, specially crafted for people living hair-free.

Over the next few years we’re taking the time and care needed to develop a range of hair and scalp care products, based on the expert advice I’ve had access to through my job. The first product/products are live and available to shop now – but this is just the beginning. I’ve spent years experimenting with all sorts of weird and wonderful beauty products, trying to find ones that deliver results while being a pleasure to use. I never did find what I was looking for, so I decided to create my own!

Please do keep sending us your feedback, pictures and requests – we love hearing from you. Thank you for coming on this journey with me,

Amber xx