AJ Space

Why Create the AJ Space?

It's been a journey...

Our mission is to create the ultimate safe, discreet and joyful space for people living hair free. We want you to not only feel secure and confident in your own skin but to feel liberated , and to have fun!

We want the AJ Space to enhance the whole wig-buying experience. To elevate the lives of those living with hair loss. To leave you with a spring in your step, feeling like you again.

Our fully personalised service will help and guide you, leaving you feeling understood and cared for, but also more confident – uplifted and inspired.

Come to the AJ Space for expert advice from people who actually understand what you're going through. We have an amazing team of stylists who have spent years in the wig business and who will use everything they know to help make your dream look come true.

We created this warm and welcoming environment because so many clients and women we met along the way asked for it. We listened!

We always knew that an AJ space was in our future but now it’s actually here we’re so excited! Hosting real-life events means we'll be able to connect you with other women on a similar path - for the first time! Each of us has experienced joy when we’ve met fellow travellers, but until now they’ve been difficult to find. With our new space, it will become easier than ever before...

We can’t wait to go on this journey with you...

AJ Space

Book a 1-2-1 in person consultation to…

Explore and try on our complete collection of hair pieces.

Customize your AJ piece exactly as YOU want her.

Create the hair of your dreams with our brand-new bespoke offering.

Enjoy a complimentary cup of tea and a chat with someone who actually gets it.


Getting to us!

Amber Jean Shop
129 Richmond Rd
London E8 3NJ

The best way to get to us is by heading to London Fields Overground Station - this is directly accessible by an 8 minute train from Liverpool St Station, from there we are a short walk through London Fields park. If you have any issues getting to us, please get in touch, otherwise we can’t wait to see you!