Express your every self with the hair you've always wanted.

As a young girl, Amber Jean always dreamed of becoming a model and actress. She pursued her ambition with single-mindedness and, as a teenager, was runner up on a tv model competition show called The Model Agent. Soon Amber Jean was in demand for shoots all over the world. But just when her dream was about to become reality Amber Jean was struck by alopecia, a condition which causes full or partial hair loss and for which there is no known treatment.

Rather than accepting this as a career-limiting condition, she decided to use it to her advantage — trying different wigs, weaves and hairpieces to create beautiful looks that expressed who she was and who she could be.

As a successful model and actress, Amber had access to world-class hairstylists & makeup artists and the best global beauty products but struggled to find beautiful, ethical, sustainable hairpieces and care products. So, in 2020, she decided to apply her knowledge and experience of all things hair to create incredible hairpieces and hair care products. Amber's mission is to empower people to express themselves in whatever way they choose.

In January 2021 Amber Jean will launch her first range of hair pieces and products through an inspiring and educational online store.