We’re so glad you found us. This is a positive space for women to buy quality, ethically sourced hair pieces. We exist to help you feel empowered and inspired, whether you’ve lost your hair for medical reasons or you just want to change up your look. We also sell gentle hair & scalp products and pure silk scarves, all with the mission to support and empower a hair-free life.

Our premium wigs are only ever made with carefully sourced hair and we work with the UK’s top stylists to create beautiful, unique styles. The world of wigs can be overwhelming, especially if you are a newcomer, but we are here to support you every step of the way – check out our guides, book a consultation or drop us a DM, anytime.

New for 2022 is our indulgent and effective hair and scalp care range - designed to help you feel and look your best. We are developing these products based on Amber’s own experiences. New additions to the range will continue to be inspired by her and what our community (that’s you!) tell us you want to see next.

Our growing online community is an inclusive, safe place where you can find the joy we all deserve to feel through beauty and self-care. We want to help you to express your every self, however that may be...