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    Model Amber Jean Rowan on Alopecia: ‘Wigs became my armor’

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    I spent days on end during the lockdown in 2020 researching and thinking about how I could really make a difference to the lives of women who were going through hair loss – and this was the result.

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    Model Amber Jean Rowan says she was 'ashamed' of her hair loss after being diagnosed with alopecia as a teenager and 'shoddy' wigs became her armour

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    專訪模特兒兼演員 Amber Jean Rowan 細談 Self-Love 之旅:「與脫髮症共存,每向前的一小步,都很重要。」

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    Hair Free: Building a community with Amber Jean Rowan

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    ‘If you lose your hair, it’s sh*t and there are hard times, but it shouldn’t stop you from being you and doing what you want to’

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    Why Model Amber Jean Rowan Created the Alopecia Community She Never Had

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    Amber Jean Rowan

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