Amber’s hair guide

Everything you need to know about wearing hair pieces. With over 12 years' experience to share, get ready for some killer advice!


Our hair pieces

Hear Amber talking about our premium hair pieces.

The Ultimate Hair Bible

Amber’s top tips and tricks on how to look after your hair piece

How to put on your AJ hair piece

An essential guide on how to cut the lace when your wig first arrives. Plus, discover Amber’s must-have products for a secure and natural fit.

How & where to store your AJ hair piece

The benefits of investing in a wig head!

Why we created our hair & scalp care range

Find out all about why we created our very own hair and scalp care range especially designed for those living a hair free life.

The best way to remove your AJ hair piece

Remove your hair piece quickly, with no damage to the delicate lace.

How to wash your AJ hair piece

What to do, and what not to do!