Nine Reasons Amber Jean Human Hair Wigs are the Best

Nine Reasons Amber Jean Human Hair Wigs are the Best


I've been wearing human hair wigs for the past five years – ever since I lost my own hair at fifteen to alopecia. In all that time I never found that one “go-to” hair place, that place that would welcome you, that would make you feel totally comfortable, that would have the best real hair wigs out there – high quality, natural looking and with modern style. Either the customer service wasn’t good, or the quality of the hair was poor, and I was always left feeling totally uninspired. Actually, that’s being kind – I left feeling quite crap, to be honest.

As a woman, hair is so integral to our sense of self, and I wanted to create a positive space that celebrated us – that left us feeling empowered and inspired. I wanted to create a whole new offering – a place for women to find high quality wigs that were beautifully styled. I wanted my customers to experience a warm welcome, expert advice and ongoing support – to feel that they were walking alongside other women who were on the same path and totally got where they wanted to go.

So, the Amber Jean shop was born.

A safe space for women to buy the best human hair wigs and feel both supported and self-expressed. A place that challenges the taboos around hair loss, and the stigma of wigs by being a place where changing your style is fun – whether you've lost your hair due to a medical condition like me, or you're going through chemotherapy, or you just want to change up your look.

I'm so excited for you to try my wigs; I absolutely love them, and I know you will too.

Full Lace Wigs for Endless Styling Options

Our real hair wigs are made with transparent Swiss lace to suit any skin tone. While a lace front wig will limit you to a few middle or side parted styles, a full lace wig like ours gives total styling flexibility. Part your wig anywhere you like and play with endless styles – from a messy bun to a high pony-tail; your hair will always look fantastic and supernatural!

Full lace wigs are also more durable than lace front wigs because they cover the whole head. You can do whatever your day, or night, brings – without worrying it might slip or fall.

Invisible Knots for the Best Natural Looking Hair Wigs

A natural finish is everything. That’s why we employ exceptional craftspeople to create invisible knots – they tie each single piece of hair into the lace by hand!

Because the lace is transparent and the knots are hidden, it will be hard to believe the hair isn’t growing out of your scalp!

Dense, Healthy Human Hair for Lustrous Shine and Swing

We only use carefully sourced, healthy human hair. Because it’s real hair it swings and falls just like natural hair, only better. And because our wigs have 150% hair density – they are as thick and lustrous as you’ll see in any magazine editorial.

Natural Texture for a Super-Natural Look and Feel

We use 100% pure virgin hair with no added silicone or chemical coating. It has a beautiful, wavy texture for a super-natural look and feel. Straighten or curl your wig at home, as you wish with our soon-to-be-launched hair care range.

Consciously Sourced and Made for the Planet and the People

Our hair is ethically sourced from the Tonsure Temples in Chennai, India where pilgrims sacrifice their hair in a symbol of purification. Each piece is handmade by local wig makers who are paid fairly, which is extremely important to us. Our suppliers look after their workers and their ethical work practices are the reason we have chosen to work with them. We also believe in treading lightly – challenging ourselves to keep lowering our carbon footprint.

Comfortable and Secure Fit for Confidence

Our caps are designed for a comfortable fit, with an adjustable strap to help you feel secure. I’ve created a video to show you how to put on your AJ wig for the first time, including how to cut the lace for a perfect fit when your wig arrives, and my must-have products for maximum comfort. You won’t just look good, you’ll feel good too.

Watch the video here.

Top London Stylists for Layers that Flatter

Our real hair wigs have been styled by the UK’s top hairdressers with gentle layers to frame your face. Imagine – all the benefits of a top stylist without having to sit in a chair for hours, or the ongoing expense! And of course, no dead ends in sight.

Award-Winning Colourists for Iconic Looks

Our human hair wigs are transformed by award-winning colourists into our six iconic styles. Meet Amber – the fiery auburn with shimmering shades of red and Kimmy (named after my Mum) – a classic beachy blond – easy going enough to suit everyone. Holly is a striking honey and caramel balayage, while Margot (named after the Bette Davis character in All About Eve) – is an intriguing classic dark chocolate with rich, warm tones. Caitlyn, named after my soul sister, is a cool dirty blonde with an ashy base, and Sugar, named for the iconic Marilyn Monroe character “Sugar Cane” from Some Like it Hot, is the platinum blonde who likes to make an entrance.

A Life-Long Repair Service for Peace of Mind

The longevity of your wig is very much dependent on your lifestyle and how well you care for her. Please follow our social channels and 'how-to' guide on this website to learn how to keep your AJ wig in beautiful condition for as long as possible.

However, we do offer a life-long repair service, so when natural wear and tear happens you know your favourite hair can be restored in safe hands.

Watch me talking about what makes Amber Jean wigs the best natural hair wigs out there!

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