Silver is our Superpower – Grey Wigs Come of Age at Amber Jean Shop

Silver is our Superpower – Grey Wigs Come of Age at Amber Jean Shop

No doubt about it, grey hair is the new black for many young celebrities. Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Lily Allen and Kylie Jenner have all rocked the look recently. But in some western cities, older grey-haired women are seemingly extinct, made invisible by the court of public opinion.

It’s funny. We are happy talking about anti-ageing skincare and HRT but mention the two little words “grey hair”, and we all run for the exit. The plain truth is, grey hair scares us – a symbol of ageing and, whisper it, being passed our peak.

Wigs for older women are no exception, made to cover up grey rather than own it.

Meanwhile, men don’t just accept their grey, they are celebrated for it. They are “silver foxes”. They are “distinguished”. They have “salt-and-pepper good looks”. We’re looking at you George Clooney, Daniel Day-Lewis, Jeff Goldblum, Mark Ruffalo. Barack.

Why is there one rule for them and another for us? After all, the older we women get the more we shine. Stand up Helen Mirren, Diane Keaton, Christine Lagarde, Judi Dench, Jamie Lee Curtis. Sharon Stone. Carole King – we’re looking at you. At Amber Jean, this is a roll call of honour – signifying power, wisdom, and beauty. To be this cool, this modern, this powerful at any age is sexy. Very sexy.


Silver is their superpower, and now it’s ours.

Our exclusive silver hair pieces, bespoke grey wigs made of human hair, celebrate women of all ages. Our intention is to give you the freedom to transition to grey with power, grace and elegance. To own the age you’re at and love it!

These, our first grey wigs, break beauty taboos. Empowering hair-free women of every age is a first for the hair-free world. It is an invitation to redefine what it means to get older; a joyful celebration of timeless, ageless beauty.

This is grey as you’ve never seen it before. Cool. Modern. Sexy. As powerful and charismatic as the original ageless trailblazer, Jane Fonda herself.

This is reclaiming your true identity and owning silver with your head held high. This is the Amber Jean True Silver Range.

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Personalised Human Hair Wigs – the Ultimate Luxury

Our silver hair pieces are the ultimate luxury, fully personalised to you and your unique style. They are an exclusive, bespoke offering, customised to your exact capsize, chosen shade, length and cut.

Each real hair wig, whether a short grey wig or long, wavy or straight, is crafted from the world’s finest quality natural hair, which has been specially chosen for its texture, shine, shading and lustre.


Get a behind the scenes look at our True Silver shoot and get to know the motivations of the women behind the collection.


How it works

We’ll work closely together in three one-to-one consultations to co-create your hair piece.


Step 1: Initial consultation

This is where we get to know you; discover your style, your lifestyle, your hair colour history, and your hair icons – the women who inspire and empower you to age with grace and style.

We’ll measure your exact capsize, talk through the length and cuts you love, and find the precise combination of grey, silver and ombre that’s right for you and your colouring.


Step 2: Colour check and style consultation

Before we create your bespoke hairpiece, we invite you to review the hair colour we've selected and talk through your ideal cut and style.


Step 3: Aftercare consultation

This is a check-in to make sure you’re happy with the way your grey hair wig looks and feels. We’ll also share tips on how to wear your hair piece, and tell you all about the specialist non-bio hair products that will help you care for it, so it looks beautiful for as long as possible.

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