How to wash your wig

How to wash your wig

We know wig care is so important but can be a little daunting, so we are here to show you the best way to wash and treat your wig.  Our founder Amber Jean has gotten her wig washing routine perfected, with 15 years of wig care experience she hopes she can share some valuable tips for you and your piece. 

In this wig care tutorial Amber Jean gives us her perfect step by step routine for taking care of your AJ wig, here are her best tips!

Brush your wig out, get rid of all the knots or tangles.

Keep your hand under the wig cap when washing it, this helps protect the lace and the knots. Then start rinsing it under the faucet and getting your wig nice and wet ready for your products. 

Starting with the Amber Jean Hydrating & Repairing Shampoo gently work through the ends of your wig, you don’t want to be rough especially around the wig lace. You can gently wash over the lace with your fingers but remember don’t scrub at the knots! 

Once shampooed, next up is our Amber Jean Restorative Hair Mask. This AJ hair mask will leave your wig feeling so silky smooth and ready to fight another day! The longer you can leave this on before rinsing out the better, but even 20 minutes of this treatment works wonders. Once you're ready to rinse out the hair mask make sure to hold your wig under the cap and rinse through gentley. 

✨ If you’d like to perfect your curl, using a good quality curl cream and applying in scrunching motions should do the trick! 

Last but not least, we recommend leaving your wig to dry naturally as sometimes styling tools can have a negative effect on your wig.

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